shader 选项 phong lambert等的英文解释[2006-05-21]

2006-05-21 21:39:57
In the Shader editor, change the Shading
Model parameter to PHONG.
By changing the Shading Model to PHONG,
the shader assigned to the surface of the
shampoo bottle will be a more realistic
representation of the plastics used to
create shampoo bottles.
Shading Models represent the way classes
of materials look. For example, a LAMBERT
shading model is useful for representing
matte surfaces, like plaster walls or
PHONG model is more
complex, and gives highlights suitable for
plastics and rubber-like materials.
model provides colored highlights that are
appropriate for metals.
model makes the object look like it is
emitting light, like an incandescent bulb or
flame (note that the object doesn’t actually
give off light — you need to place a light
within the object for it to illuminate other

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